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About us

We all love to travel. We also love to keep track of our experiences and to share them with the world. Explord is where these two loves meet.

Build a beautiful and interactive visualization of the places you visit, create to-visit lists, and share recommendations with your friends and family. Explord is more than just a map. Explord is where your travel stories live.

We are constantly working on making Explord better, and we want it have everything you, the traveler, need. So if you have any suggestions, please send them our way at hello@explord.me.


Create Your Travel Map

Add the countries you've visited and share your travel map with your friends.

Personalize your map

Create the sweetest looking map by changing its color scheme and font.

Get You Travel Stats

Learn how much of the globe you've covered and how much is still ahead.

Connect with Your Friends

Discover the places your friends have visited and plan trips together.

Share Your Travel Stories

Tell the world about your adventures in an easy-to-use personal blog.

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the places you visit

We'll let you know when we launch